Stortford Archery Club Shooting Diary 2022

Please note this is subject to change and should be referred to regularly.

All current government guidelines regarding social distancing MUST be adhered to.

We still need to track and trace people whilst things settle down.  Please ensure you and any visitors are signed in to the shooting log upon arrival - irrespective of whether they are shooting or not.

Please adhere to container times as published please.  If the trolley does go over to the gym early, then it MUST have six bosses and a foam boss.  If it goes over early and has fewer bosses on it then it's unfair on those people who arrive at the container at the published time.

ALL field targets must be run on a separate split field with no more than 1 archer shooting 3 arrows per target.

Frostbite rounds are shot across the lower playground.  Meet at the container at noon.  Hot drinks afterwards.

Container times

Sunday formal round is 13:30 for a 14:00 start.

Frostbite on Sundays is meet at 11:45.

Weekday evening sessions are meet at 18:00.

June 2022

DayDateRoundKey HolderField CaptainCoaches Available
Thurs2nd Practice / Open CoachingJohn JohnJohn, Rebecca, Stuart, Laura, Rachel
Sun5th Short Metrics tbctbc
Tues7th PracticeJohn StuartJohn
Thur9th Practice / Open CoachingJohnRosieRosie, Stuart, Rebecca, Peter, John
Sun12th St George / Albion/ Windsors 9 dozStuartStuart
Tues14th PracticeStuartStuart
Thur16th Practice / Open CoachingRebeccaLauraRachel, Laura, Stuart, Rebecca
Sun19th Westerns 8 doz 1PM STARTtbctbc
Tues21st PracticeStuartStuart
Thurs23rd Practice / Open CoachingLauraPeterPeter, John, Laura, Rebecca, Rachel
Sun26thLeague Match - Away to Elsewood
Sun26th Nationals 6 dozen PM OutdoorsRoyRoy
Tues28th PracticeStuartStuart
Thur30th Practice / Open CoachingRebeccaRosieRosie, Stuart, Rebecca, Peter