How do I join SAC?

There are two ways into the club. If you are an experienced archer from another club, contact us directly to talk about membership availability. Alternatively successfully complete one of our beginners courses.

Do  I need to do a beginners course?

Yes, unless you are an experienced archer from another club or returning to archery after a break from the sport. Our courses are designed to bring people up to an acceptable level of competence necessary for the safe participation in the sport.

When are you running beginners courses?

The club runs two courses each year, starting in January and June. Each course lasts 3-6 weeks.

Where are the beginners courses held?

The January courses is held indoors in the sport hall at St Mary's Catholic School, Bishop's Stortford. The June course is held outside on the sports field.

Can I just turn up?

No, we currently have a waiting list of people wishing to complete a beginners course. Please use the contact form on the Contact page or email the beginners address.

How much does a beginners course cost?

The cost of the course is currently £75 per person.

Do I need my own bow for the course?

No, you will be given club equipment to use during the course. We usually recommend that bows are not purchased until several weeks after you have joined the club so that you can get advice from the coaches as to what is suitable for you.

What if I want to shoot a different bow style?

The course is run using basic recurve trainer bows. What you learn on the course can be adapted if you go on to join the club but for consistency all beginners shoot the same type of bow. 

What should I wear?

If you are given a place on the January course you will need to bring with you a pair of soft soled non-marking indoor shoes to wear in the sports hall. You must only put these on once you are in the hall. For the June course you will be shooting on an open sports field so suitable shoes and...

How old must I be to join the course?

We suggest that a minimum age of 10 is a good guide though it quite often depends on the maturity of the individual. Contact the beginners co-ordinator to discuss this with them.

How long will I have to wait?

Once we receive your details we will allocate a place for you on the next available course. We will contact you either by e-mail with the details. Courses are offered on a first come, first served basis and full payment is required to secure a place on any course.

What if it rains?

Most of the time we can use the sports hall when the weather is bad, so bring a change of shoes if you think they might be needed.

Are your coaches qualified?

Yes, the club currently has five Archery GB qualified club coaches, These are assisted by experienced archers at the beginners courses to ensure you get the most out of the course.

Are different sessions run for seniors and juniors?

The courses are all mixed, however from time to time we will run a Junior only course. Shooting at the club is also mixed on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday during the day. 

How strong do I need to be?

Modern bows are very energy efficient and it is very rare for us not to have equipment available that will suit any adult on the course. With juniors we tend to find that most from 10 years old are capable of shooting the required distances though this is only a guide.

Can people with disabilities shoot?

Archery is described by our National body as “The Sport for All” and many disabilities can be catered for within the sport. Although we have limited disabled facilities and access to specialist coaches please speak to us first to discuss your needs.

Are there any other clubs in the area?

There are other clubs in the area, please check the Hertfordshire Archery Association web site for details.

What if I cannot make a course on a Thursday evening?

Let us know when you are available and if we put on an interim course which you would be able to attend we will contact you.

Why do I have to stay with my son or daughter?

SAC follows the Archery GB Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy and part of this requires that juniors are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. 

I have done a course at another organisation, do I still need to do your course?

Possibly not, we need to know what it was, and when and may need to speak to that organiser for clarification.

Can I do a course with you and join another club?

Yes, if that club has places and is happy with a recommendation from our coaches you are under no pressure to stay with us.

What happens if I cannot make all 3 sessions?

Sometimes beginners can manage to squeeze everything into fewer sessions but this is very much dependant on the individual and you will need to follow the advice of the coaches. 

Why don't you do more courses?

All our coaches are also archers. Besides providing general coaching within the club and ensuring new members settle in they also like to practice what the preach. And don’t forget they are all volunteers.

Why has no-one contacted me?

If you have submitted your details and have not had a reply within two weeks check you have given us your correct e-mail address. If correct try contacting us again we may not have received your original application.