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Secretary - Stuart Barber

Treasurer - Rachel Boynton

Records - Stuart Barber

Junior Rep & Portsmouth Scheme - Laura Young

Equipment Officer -  Jeremy Godfrey

Leagues Organiser - John Wheatcroft

Clothing Organiser - Stuart Barber

Webmaster/PRO/County Rep - Rebecca Bourne

Committee Member - Graham Blair

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Indoor League Matches

Hertfordshire Winter Leagues - Calling all archers!

The two HAA winter leagues run from November to March each year. All league rounds are shot at the club and scores are submitted to the leagues organiser by email.

Indoor Portsmouth League

5 Dozen arrows shot over 20 yard, on a 60cm target face. These scores are normally shot on our club day (Sunday). If you are unable to shoot on a Sunday it may be possible to shoot and score on a Tuesday evening.

Outdoor Frostbite League

3 Dozen arrows shot over 30m on an 80cm target face. All archers shoot this together at midday one Sunday a month. (See the diary page for dates)
Shooting generally goes ahead whatever the weather - heavy snow and thick ice are exceptions. 
Soup and hot drinks are provided between the Frostbite round and afternoon shooting.

Senior Improvement Scheme

The Club is now running a senior improvement scheme, please click here to view the scores and badges. It is recommended that you follow the scheme to help you to progress through the outdoor distances. To achieve a badge you need to shoot 3 qualifying scores and identify these to the records officer on your score sheet. If you have any questions please speak to Stuart or Rachel.

Portsmouth Badge Scheme

The Club is running the Portsmouth Badge Scheme over the winter.  This is a club only scheme run for all the members over the winter.  It is similar to the county junior scheme, the scores you need to obtain for the various badges are visible by clicking here.

You can claim your badges by writing it on your score sheet prior to submitting to the records officer.

Shooting for County

Stortford Archery Club now has a proud history of having its members selected to represent the county.  If you wish to be considered to shoot for the County, but are not aware of the procedure, this is how it works.  Go to the Herts Archery Association (HAA) website and complete the online form.

When you score a round, at the club or in competition, submit the score on the site or by clicking submit to the left.

Sit back and wait to be called up - or better still, do some bow drills with a stretch band.

If you need help with this, Stuart is both County Chairman and Chair of Selectors.  Rachel as County Junior Representative will also be able to guide you through this process.  Whilst this will not give you any advantage, they are well placed to guide you through the process.

All scores are needed as the county is now also part of a SCAS winter league.  To be considered for this please submit your scores before the end of each month.